“Tripping on love”

6 min readOct 19, 2019

The awareness was dawning upon me that i was all alone in my house on my birthday and i was getting more anxious if that’s how it’s always gonna be; me in a room with online wishes and books as companions on birthdays and special occasions, when a sudden jerk of movement woke me up and the surroundings were coming in focus; the old couple sitting across from us with whom we shared lunch and talked about life peacefully asleep, i noticed the chaos, that is the Indian railway station and let a out a tired sigh when i felt the grip around my shoulder getting stronger; he realized i had woken up and tightened his grip on my shoulder’s which made me look up from the comfort that was his embrace and he instantly reciprocated my look and gave me a quick peck on my forehead and i buried my head in his arms again.

“Hey, wake up we’re almost there” he said. I took his hands in mine and gave him a quick peck on cheeks before lining up our luggage which was pretty light since we didn’t like carrying much.

Upon reaching margao station we both were thrilled.’; This was our first trip as a couple, more importantly it was my first trip with a guy. Everything feels different when you’re alone on a trip with your boyfriend/girlfriend, i felt carefree and my natural aura was thriving in his companionship appreciated by the nature of Goa.

Girls and guys have different approaches to life which was evident upon reaching the hotel room: when i decided to shout and run into the bathroom to take a shower and he said, you didn’t have to run i won’t take a bath until next morning when i have to. I don’t know who was it embarassing for: me, a girl who was super excited about just a bath or him, who took bath only once in those three days we were there. Moving on from this first weird moment of our trip, immediately came a weirder moment. It was like universe was trying to embarass me in front of him because there i was standing in front of the mirror in my jeans and bra trying to wear this super difficult to wrap wrap top when he came from the bathroom and looking at me he said “this is exactly how i left you 15 minutes ago, how long does it take to wrap this towel you’re calling a “top” to wear?” I stood there like a helpless 3 year old who doesn’t know which hole their head goes in. What he did next was not what i would have guessed in a million years, he stood at a distance of an inch from me and started wrapping the wrap top around my curves, he had to try it 5 times before i looked perfect in it and he kissed my forehead and we headed out not knowing the memories we were about to make.

We were walking on the sideroad with our hands intertwined like a couple of highschooler’s when he noticed a vada pav stall and i was hoping he didn’t because i’ve never had vada pav and i wasn’t sure it’s something i’ll like, but of course he saw that and made me try it and of course i loved it but the only bad outcome out of this was his smug face through out our trip that screams i was right for once and nothing can undo it. I took his smug face to a nearby beach for a peaceful walk and luckily there were barely any people there so we walked along side talking and getting to know eachother on a deeper level and it felt like reading a new book which i just opened and smelled the new book smell and was afraid to complete it as soon as i started reading it but i couldn’t stop reading it, i wanted to jump to end to see if it ends in a happy ending or i’ll end up broken; even if there was a possibility of knowing how this will end, i wouldn’t choose to see it because that will also steal away the possibility of happening of all those wonderful once in a life moments that i wouldn’t trade in for gold.

I woke up to a pair of lips kissing my forehead,my cheeks and eventually my lips and i could hear him whispering in his low husky voice “Happy Birthday rach” and i couldn’t help but smile and kissed back. Getting up straight on my back i saw it’s 12:03 and my phone was buzzing with texts and calls which i couldn’t be less worried about because there was he putting candles on the cake my sister sent me and asking me to make a wish and blow the candles like a kid which i was happy to do from inside because i’ve always been the responsible kid and now it was my time to live the fun moments. He fed me the delicious chocolate cake and gave me my glass of drink he made me and we both sat side by side eating the delicious sweet devil and pouring liquor down our throat whilst watching this insanely funny movie and laughing till our stomach hurt, i’m still surprised about how no one made a noise complaint. By the time we woke up it was almost lunchtime and yes this was the morning he took a shower, i really didn’t want to go outside so i asked him to bring takeout. Ofcourse he got like 6 vadapav’s, a huge pizza and a vegetable sandwich like we were couple of cows or somthing, which we were because we finished it whole in 20 minutes. After taking a long shower we decided to watch this horror movie he oversold me which wouldn’t have scared me when i was 10 year old because as kids we grew up watching “sshhhh…. phir koi h” type of things. Being disappointed by this movie we both got dressed to go to beach, only problem i couldn’t tie a knot the strings on back which of course he did and couldn’t do it without being proud about it and saying “staying with you 2 days i’m graduating from the university of knots and strings”, internally laughing i strap on my heels that go with dress which he’ll end up carrying in hands on the beach. We saw spectacular view of sunset and kissed at the beach ignoring the existence of rest of humans and for that single moment i didn’t care about Pda and just embrassed the moment and so did he. Smiling like fools, later on we headed to this restaurant and bar to get liquored up and have my birthday dinner which was our first dinner date together and it was just like i imagined it would be if not better. That night we walked on the streets laughing loudly, leaving our baggage at home and i wouldn’t change a thing in that day. Getting to our room i lay my feet in his lap and he gave me a foot massage, i can’t believe he noticed how miserable i was in heels. I later on lay my head in his head, he loves to play with my curls and he took my hand in his, i thought he was gonna say something romantic and his exact words were “your heart rate is 80 per minute” what was i thinking dating a doctor?

Next day was our departure and we both were pretty bummed about returning to routine and having weeks gone by without meeting eachother because of our intense schedules but we both knew we’ll get through this time apart together knowing we’ll always be there for eachother and after minutes long hug which only felt like a moment we got on train and fell asleep with my head in his chest and his head on mine….




Just an Indian girl trying to find her way in the world.